Mike Maloney – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Book Summary

Mike’s book makes a thought provoking case that sooner rather than later, the major currencies (like the US Dollar) are going to tank. Once that happens everyone will be running to gold and silver to protect their wealth.

Mike believes that if you take action now and buy gold and silver before cash tanks you’ll beat the herd of people before the rush in and bid the price up.


Overall the book is a great read, Mike makes a lot of great points about gold and silver, history repeating itself, and the economic storm that is coming. For anyone thinking about gold and silver or investing in it, I recommend reading it.

The book can be separated into four distinct sections.

The 1st section covers a lot of history and examining: economic cycles, the history of currency, stock bubbles, mass psychology, including manias and panics.

The 2nd section tackles the huge economic storm that is coming.

The 3rd section talks about the supply and demand forces on gold and silver.

The 4th section discusses the how of investing in gold and silver. What you should or shouldn’t buy and why.